DataCore has announced a new class of remote site disaster recovery (DR) and storage pool mirroring solutions. These DR solutions are designed to protect terabyte size storage pools serving multiple application servers (eg, Windows, Netware, VMware, Linux, Solaris, AIX, Unix, etc) over LAN, SAN or WAN networks.

The DR package includes software to manage two separately located SANmelody disk servers, each capable of supporting terabyte storage pools, plus a choice of disaster recovery software <0x2014> either asynchronous LAN/WAN-based replication software for disaster recovery over great distances or simple and fast synchronous LAN or SAN failover mirroring software for storage pools supporting systems stretched across buildings, campuses or cross-town distances.

DataCore's DR solutions run on low-cost Intel/AMD platforms and features include: application transparent data protection and failover; performance acceleration technologies to speed up I/O workloads; LAN or SAN synchronous mirroring and failover; long distance asynchronous IP mirroring; terabyte plus storage pool management and consolidation; iSCSI or optional FC connectivity; storage pool replication independent of application agent software; virtual capacity auto-provisioning and snapshot software support; business continuity and simple mirroring architecture across sites; and heterogeneous system support.