Retail marketing services company Crossmark has launched a new online retail staff incentive training platform that will help employers harness the full potential of their retail sales staff and field teams.
eAward Bank has been developed to make online incentive and training programs easier to set up, faster to use and more cost-effective and flexible for retail and manufacturing clients.
Crossmark director of client services, retail marketing, Polly Yule said the technology platform will help clients drive improved sales performance by tracking and rewarding behavioural changes consistent with the clients’ business objectives.
“How well staff perform influences how good a brand is and its sales performance in store, and we know that staff who are targeted, measured and rewarded do perform better,” she said.
“Industry figures suggest that employees work at around 70 per cent of their real potential plus, around 80 per cent of employees feel they could improve their performance with greater clarity of role and training. “
Crossmark will tailor individual targeted incentive and training programs for its clients to be housed on the eAward Bank platform, and accessed by clients via unique login passwords. It will manage and facilitate the training and rewards program on the platform on behalf of clients, while there is the additional facility built into the platform for clients to purchase a tailored program that can be self-managed.
The advanced platform builds on a previously successful online incentives and training model that Crossmark has maintained for 10 years, reaching more than 250,000 retail sales and field staff across client businesses including Nestle, Lufthansa, Peugeot and Samsung.
Several brands across the technology and hardware channels are expected to roll out tailored programs on the platform within the next month.