Westfield has appointed Driving Edge Marketing to install permanent fully-equipped Connect kiosks within its shopping centres in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

In aim to engage consumers as close as possible to the point-of-purchase, the Connect kiosks allows brands to promote goods and since the launch brands like ACP Magazines, Papermate, Philips, Foxtel and MasterFoods have been involved.
Located in close proximity to supermarkets, the Connect kiosks set a new benchmark for experiential zone facilities. Each facility contains a full kitchen for food preparation, an ADSL internet connection, laptops and networked digital screens. This includes an exterior that can be fully branded according to the desired creative direction.  
The kiosks are provided by Driving Edge on a turnkey basis with each booking including professional creative development and shopper engagement strategies, and fully trained, experienced brand ambassadors.
Peter Littleboy, Westfield brandspace general manager said while the company has worked with many companies in the past but there are three core reasons for why it believes the Connect kiosks will be most suitable.

“One, the location due to the commitment we've been able to provide the best locations in the most appropriate shopping centres.  Secondly, the kiosks themselves provide a level of functionality and shopper experience flexibility not previously possible.  Thirdly brands get in front of more shoppers due to the efficiencies gained from using the purpose built infrastructure,” he said.

The kiosks work on a weekly booking process, giving brands the opportunity to integrate shopping centre experiential promotions with above the line activity. For example, consumer experience can be scheduled to support media advertising or public relations campaigns during the course of a product launch.

“The kiosks engage the shopper enabling them to learn a new recipe, host a celebrity, test a new product, receive an offer or complete a sale as in the case of the ACP Magazine Christmas Pop Up Retail activation.  They present shoppers with experiences that they might not have expected and are a terrific vehicle for activating the malls and creating ambience.  For Westfield it's important that we make the shopping journey enjoyable and interesting,” Littleboy said.