Offering monochrome, colour and multi function printers (MFPs), Fuji Xerox Printers (FXP) has an expansive offering of printers in the market which can provide retailers with a way to increase their capability to sell their wares. 

“Solid ink technology now available in printing and MFP technology provides the easiest of use of all colour printers, and provides print quality for labels, and certificates and vouchers that make the images jump off the page,” says Paul Harman, operations manager ANZ for FXP.

“Using a wax resin, solid ink will print on just about any media giving retailers the flexibility to use the most striking media to get attention. When this technology is combined into a MFP it adds the further functionality of a high end scanner to all retailers to scan images to improve the quality of their content,” he adds.

Harman says the ability of print manufacturers to produce colour and MFP products of high quality and lower price has changed the market opportunity for customers, allowing more people to be able to do creative and promotion work in-house. 

“The SME and retail market has seen an explosion of sales of particularly low end colour and MFP product over the past two years, and the market prediction is that this explosive growth will continue over the coming two years,” says Harman.

FXP can provide an in-house print solution which offers the flexibility to print and change on demand to meet your business changing needs, allowing you to print only what you require, and change your offer if the your competitor is changing their strategy. The company has just launched three new solid ink products that are targeted towards to SME who need to print for impact in colour.  

The WorkCentre C2424 multifunction solid ink printer is designed for a small office or workgroup environment, and claims to offer the fastest first-page-out speed of any device in its class at just six seconds and prints up to 24ppm.
At a starting price of $4275.04 (including GST), the WorkCentre C2424 is an affordable yet highly versatile print-scan-copy solution, and claims to produce 97 per cent less waste than a typical laser multifunction printer. The WorkCentre C2424 is the world’s first multifunction printer based on solid-ink technology.

 The Phaser 8500 and 8550 printers are designed with small to mid sized businesses (SMBs) in mind. The Phaser 8500 is priced at $2194.50 (including GST) and the Phaser 8550 is priced at $3184.50 (including GST).

The DocuPrint 204 A is designed as a good value personal network printer for the small retail market, providing business professional. A black and white laser network printer, packed with a 133MHz processor and 16MB of RAM, the DocuPrint 204 offers value for money with a recommended retail price (RRP) of $328.90 (including GST).