Coles has selected Sika’s flooring system, which will be applied to 30 of its supermarkets as part of a national specification, with additional stores to be refurbished in coming months.

Sika’s polyurethane flooring has been applied throughout food preparation areas to give it a durable alternative to vinyl and epoxy finishes.

According to the standards management team which oversees the Coles store construction and specification function nationally, the main issue stores were experiencing was ongoing repairs and maintenance required on epoxy floor finishes in the deli, bakery and chicken preparation areas.

Coles commissioned a rigorous examination of all flooring options, with polyurethane concrete based resin solutions trialled for a six-month period. During that time, floors were exposed to a searching examination of quality, durability, wear and overall safety.

Sikafloor-22N PurCem, which is a water-based polyurethane, was a selected finish based on its suitability for food preparation areas, including slip resistance, heat resistance and resistance to food acids and fats – especially chicken fat.  

"Surfaces within all food related businesses, from manufacturing to service, must be durable to withstand the constant demands placed on them – and flooring is one of the most vital components," said Anthony Lewis, project manager, Sika Australia. 

"A pressing problem in the industry is the breakdown of floors due to food acid attack, resulting in constant and costly repair and resurfacing works to fix damaged floors.  The Sikafloor® system is a solution to long term floor maintenance, while also upholding hygiene, health and safety standards," added Lewis.