Coles fashion range Mix Apparel is enriching the online experience by launching an online shopping program in conjunction with Sydney-based digital communications agency Mentally Friendly.

The Coles Mix Colourscope is an online quiz that acts as a shopping assistant and will put forward recommendations based on a consumer’s physical appearance and personality via the Coles Mix website. It has partially been created in order to promote the expansion of their colour range and its stock.

“A lot of our customers tell us they’d love some help in the styling department,” said Jessica Richmond, the Coles marketing manager for non-food. “So along with the team at Mentally Friendly we’ve developed Colourscope, an easy quiz to discover what colour palette might best suit your personal colouring and style, as well as some recommendations from our latest collection.

As well as creating the platform, Mentally Friendly engaged a stylist to colour match the Mix Apparel range to certain profiles as dictated by the quiz.

Nick Gower founder and creative head of Mentally Friendly said this type of consumer engagement model can boost the performance of an online marketplace without the need for lowering stock prices.

“Retailers have either got to engage consumers with an experience or heavily discount on price to compete in the online space,” he said. “This campaign is built around an engagement model, giving the consumer a unique experience that can deliver a sale without compromising on price.
Ongoing, useful content will be given to people who take the Colourscope Quiz, such as ‘How-To-Wear’ the colours, tips to style their wardrobe by and Mix Apparel clothing that will suit their personal Colourscope.

The Colourscope Quiz can be taken at Participants in the quiz will also go in the draw to win daily Mix Apparel gift vouchers.