There’s now just over a month to go before Christmas and the shopping centres are getting into the holiday spirit.

The Ipoh Group who own some of Sydney’s iconic centres – Queen Victoria Building, The Strand Arcade, The Galeries, Chifley Plaza and No.1 Martin Place – is putting on a group-wide campaign is seizing the innate excitement of the festive seasons with a Christmas magazine.

The editorial-like shopping guide will draw on a contemporary and witty interpretation of the traditional 12 Days of Christmas song, the magazine brings together 12 leading Sydney-siders in an enchanting countdown to Christmas.

“Our mission for the Ipoh properties is to think differently and create quality experiences that are unexpected and captivating. This campaign is a celebration of Sydney’s CBD; an opportunity to bring together our prominent retail centres and communicate the distinctive personalities that each of them embody,” Ipoh group marketing manager Taryn McGurk said.

At the same time, the group’s Chifley Plaza is being fitted with a design installation. The Citizens of Celebration appeals to the child-like nostalgia of the imagination while at the same time drawing on the refined, design-savvy aesthetic of the retail space itself.

The installation is a collection of large-scale characters, each with its own unique personality, ranging from one to four metres high. Inspired by the simple, hand-crafted wooden toys of traditions past, the citizens reinvigorate this classic notion in clean lines, stylised shapes and contemporary use of materials.

The custom-made fixtures are the innovation of leading creative agencies Fabio Ongarato Design and Gloss Creative, whose unique points of view and world class execution shines brightly through the enchanting approach to the project.

“Injecting an element of the unexpected into the otherwise busy schedules of the Chifley Plaza’s workers is the kind of stand-out activity that strengthens our consistent offering of CBD convenienc,” McGurk said.

Meanwhile, Stockland is running the Stockland Thank You campaign, which is a $250,000 reward program where shoppers are invited to go in-centre and thank the special people in their lives who help make Christmas happen, by recording a personalised message via an iPad in dedicated Shopwise Thank You Booths.

SMS and Flash Rewards will also operate during the campaign period with 148 instant $20 Stockland gift cards to be won per centre at launch via Shopwise, an online hub designed to enhance the Christmas shopping experience. Ongoing SMS rewards will then be drawn throughout the campaign period giving 25 customers per centre the chance to win, while Flash Rewards will see the first 250 customers to successfully enter their details on Shopwise win a $10 Stockland gift card.

“The aim of the Shopwise campaign is to help make the Christmas shopping experience as affordable and exciting as possible for our customers, and to thank them for everything they do during this busy season,” Stockland general manager property management Doug Addis.

“Through fun in-centre activities, a fantastic rewards program and the identification of four Christmas archetypes that our community will relate too, we’re encouraging Australians to thank the people in their lives who make Christmas happen.”