Pacific Internet has commenced a 70-site managed connectivity and security roll out for Capt’n Snooze, the national bedding franchise, as part of a 36 month contract.

“This is a great example of Pacific Internet’s ability to bring the best of the connectivity and managed IT solutions to our customers. Such a contract demonstrates our ability to execute the strategic plan announced in May 2006,” said Phey Teck-Moh, President and CEO of Pacific Internet.

Pacific Internet managing director Dennis Muscat said: “With Pacific Internet’s SecureSite offering, Capt’n Snooze will have fully managed high-end Cisco routers at their 70 stores to connect their private IP network. Pacific Internet pre-configures and delivers these routers and performs ongoing management and maintenance remotely.”

Capt’n Snooze IT Manager Lionel Van Niekerk said: “SecureSite – Pacific Internet’s managed connectivity and security offering – is a huge relief for my IT department as we don’t have to monitor each connection. With Pacific Internet delivering our private IP network it also gives us complete flexibility – if anything goes wrong they will notify us immediately and they have in-house technical skills to fix issues.

 “Handing over the management of our network to Pacific Internet was a significant business decision but it will prove to be a powerful cost and resource saving venture,” he said.

Dennis Muscat said: “SecureSite addresses the important issue that SMBs generally don’t have access to trained and skilled network, routing or security professionals on-site, yet security remains a critical concern for them.”

The Pacific Internet private network allows franchisees to use Capt’n Snooze’s newly upgraded and now centralised ERP system which delivers end-to-end business functionality and intelligence; featuring accounting, stock control and the point-of-sale systems.

Pacific Internet’s Project Management Office is managing the rollout over a four month window with several successful test sites already up and running.

The Capt’n Snooze head office in Melbourne now enjoys a fibre connection and each store is getting business-grade DSL. There’s a teleworking option for franchisees who want secure access to the private IP network from home.

“Our new, robust private IP network means we can scale to Pacific Internet’s VoIP solution with no problem in the near future. We have lots of calls between head office and stores so hope to reduce our phone bill costs. This will be phase two for us,” said Van Niekerk.