The BT910 has the ability to read and write data to a miPASS smartcard, thus allowing the storage and encoding of fingerprint templates and card holders information. By using a miPASS card, the card holder's fingerprint details are held on the card, thus eliminating both the need and protection of a central database, along with an unlimited number of users.

The unit reads the stored template and the card holder's data to perform identity verification in one pass, fast and efficiently. When a finger is scanned by the reader following the presentation of a miPASS card, it is compared against the fingerprint template from the card, and with a match, the reader then releases the access control data to the door controller for processing. Lost or stolen cards are unusable without the correct fingerprint data, therefore, access is automatically denied.

The BT910 is designed for security areas where secure user authentication and verification is of high importance, aiding in the prevention of fraud and misuse, thus increasing security to the highest level available for all access control requirements.

The reader incorporates a LED and buzzer that can be configured within the security system to provide visual and audible feedback for confirmation on access control modes.