The face of home and business environments is changing, with an ever-increasing number of technologies being adopted across the board.

Designed to enhance living, reduce energy consumption, and ultimately provide simplicity and user friendliness, the irony is that in many cases, technology has in fact complicated life.

So what’s the answer? Who can take all of the technology within the home or commercial environment and make it simple? More importantly, who can provide one point of contact for the consultation, design, installation, commissioning and after sales service?

“C-Bus pointOne is a program established by Clipsal to create a benchmark of excellence in the smart home and building automation industries,” says Clipsal’s Michael Jack, national manager, Systems Integrator Services.

“Whether it’s home or building automation, lighting control, home cinema, multi-room audio, motorised blinds, airconditioning, irrigations systems, security, building management, boardroom fit-outs, you name it, a C-Bus pointOne professional can provide the necessary expertise to deliver an easy-to-use integrated solution and not just complicated high-tech equipment,” says Jack.

C-Bus pointOne will offer their services to the home owner, builder, electrician, architect, building designer, interior designer, facilities manager, consultant and anyone involved in the decision-making process in either the residential or commercial building sectors.

The program will launch with over 70 trained and accredited specialists across Australia and New Zealand.

The C-Bus pointOne program will kick off mid-year, with launches scheduled in capital cities across Australia from June.