The Diamond scanner offers a high-value, cost-effective solution for omni-directional scanning in hands-free applications.

With its small footprint, reading accuracy, scan speed and first pass read rate, the Diamond is designed for check-out locations in retail markets, as well as front-desk operations in post offices and courier services.

Datalogic has incorporated advanced new optics and electronics in the new Diamond to provide improved reading performance of 1200 scans per second.

Furthermore, it is equipped with the Datalogic code reconstruction system to read non-oriented labels placed in various positions on objects, as well as poorly printed or damaged codes. It can read standard linear bar codes in addition to RSS, and can be upgraded in the field to keep it up-to-date with new functions or bar codes.

The optics in the Diamond are protected from external environmental agents, and built-in shock absorbers protect the scan module and motor assembly from shocks and dust.

Like all Datalogic’s new hand held readers, the new Diamond presentation scanner is a multi-interface product with a USB interface as standard in addition to RS232, Wedge and Wand. In addition, the new Diamond has a stand-by mode and “wake-up” feature, single-line scan pattern option, beeper for good read confirmation, and a complete set of stands for installation options.