Axis Communications has launched its latest HDTV surveillance solution for retail stores, hotels, schools, banks and offices. 
“The new Axis M30 network cameras are small, easy to install on either walls or ceilings and competitively priced with superb HDTV performance,” says Wai King Wong, country manager, South Pacific.
“Together with their support for the easy-to-use Axis Camera Companion and a wide range of other video management software, the cameras provide price-sensitive market segments with an attractively priced HDTV surveillance solution.”
The Axis M30 series consists of Axis M3004, which provides HDTV 720p and 1MP resolution, and Axis M3005, which supports HDTV 1080p.
The palm-sized, dust-resistant Axis M30 cameras are designed for quick and flexible installation. With a 3-axis camera angle adjustment, installers can mount the cameras on walls or ceilings and easily adjust the camera direction and straighten the image.
The cameras also support Axis’ Corridor Format for vertically oriented video streams that maximise coverage of vertical areas such as corridors, hallways or store aisles.
They can send multiple H.264 and Motion JPEG video streams simultaneously and support Axis Camera Application Platform, which enables the installation of third-party intelligent video applications such as people counting.
The cameras’ built-in microSDHC card slot enables several days of recording to be stored locally on a memory card. When it is used together with the free Axis Camera Companion, users have an easy way to remotely view and manage video from up to 16 cameras per site.