Internet security company AVG has warned retailers about the growing security threats in the online retailing space and offered some tips to help stay protected.

Speaking at Retail Expo 2012, AVG security advisor, Michael McKinnon, said retailers should not rely to heavily on their IT suppliers.

“It is not the 5.3 percent of Australian retailers that provide online shopping services which have the greatest exposure to cybercrime, it is the remaining 95 percent of business owners in the sector whose eyes are still on the shop floor rather than the online world, who are most at risk of falling prey to cybercrime,” he said.

“Retailers with a sophisticated Internet presence tend to have more current ICT systems and security regimes in place, while the vast majority are largely unaware of and are unprepared for threats to their security.”

Here are the top 5 tips AVG is offering retailers to stay safe from cyber criminals:
1.    Check the credentials and security regimes of any outsourced ICT resources.
2.    Maintain the highest security levels for Virtual Private Networks and your suppliers’ remote access authorisations.
3.    Create strong passwords and strict authentications – hackers test for systems that use factory default settings.
4.    Secure all end points – POS, PCs, mobile devices including smartphones, tablets and USB sticks.
5.    Staff training must include online security awareness, and specifically the issue of social engineering where staff can be manipulated into divulging confidential data or personal identification information.