Zen Ecosystems


The summer shopping season is well and truly here, and with it comes the summer heat. Unfortunately for retailers, as temperatures rise so too do energy bills, with stores paying a premium to keep customers comfortable.

Power bills are one of the biggest costs retailers face, but Australian-owned company Zen Ecosystems is out to change this with its energy management system.

The Zen HQ system is perfect for retailers struggling to contain energy consumption and costs as it allows users to control heating, cooling and lighting usage across multiple stores through a central online portal.

Zen Ecosystem’s Australian launch comes a year after a successful rollout in the United States, where it is used by businesses including National Stores, which has 360 locations across 22 states and Puerto Rico. After installing the Zen HQ system, the retailer reported savings on its energy bills of up to 30 per cent.

Zen Ecosystems

The Zen HQ system is controlled through a central online portal.

Michael Joffe, Zen Ecosystems general manager, said the system puts an end to individual store managers or staff changing the thermostat settings, which leads to savings for business owners.

“Our centrally-controlled system allows for all stores to be heated or cooled at a nominated temperature, and regulated or switched off outside of business hours,” he said.

“We know from our experiences in the US that this has the potential to save businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars. After just one month of using our thermostat system, businesses were saving 25 to 35 per cent off their store power bill.”

The system runs using smart technology and a single site can be installed in under a day.


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