Apple is making a radical push for the digital wallet with the release of its latest OS, iO6, which will feature an app called Passbook.

The Passbook will allow users to keep a digital version of their boarding passes, movie tickets, retail vouchers, loyalty cards and more in one place.

iPhone or iPod touch users will be able to check-in for a flight, get into a movie and redeem a voucher using Passbook. The app will be time and location enabled, so passes and tickets will show on locked screens. Users will also be alerted when their vouchers expire, where their concert seats are and the balance left on their café bard.

Virgin Australia has already confirmed via a tweet they will supporting Passbook for iPhone. Meanwhile, as reported by Fairfax, Event Cinemas is also looking into integrating Passbook into its system.

Others like PayPal, Mastercard, Visa and Commonwealth Bank have also recently introduced their versions of smartphone payment devices; however we have yet to witness the full up take of these in the Australian market.

Apple’s iO6 is due be release in Australia on Wednesday September 19.