Apparel Group, which includes fashion labels Saba, Sportscraft and Willow, has replaced its e-commerce platform with Demandware to help drive growth and innovation.
Apparel Group’s general manager for emerging technology, Peter Ratcliffe says the new platform will deliver greater integrated website optimisation and e-commerce solutions.
“We wanted to find a long-term partner that would help to solidify our omni-channel strategy and Demandware/Amblique will deliver this capability,” he says. “We wanted to achieve a truly seamless experience for our customers, between bricks and mortar and online.
“Apparel Group’s online success is a key strategic lever in a very challenging Australian retail market. To this end, a significant investment in the digital channel has been a key strategy for our business.”
Implementing the Demandware sites for Sportscraft and Saba is next on the agenda, Ratcliffe says.
He also listed enabling Click and Collect, Store to Door and seamless availability to the inventory for customers to allow ‘shop anywhere, anytime, anyhow’ capabilities as other future priorities for the Apparel Group.