Halifax Vogel Group (HVG) now distributes Alpolic/fr LT which sets a new benchmark for interior wall cladding, ceilings and column coverings. In addition, Alpolic/fr  LT can be used for light outdoor applications as soffits, awnings, parapets and signage.

Alpolic/fr LT offers the rigidity of heavy gauge sheet metal in a light weight material with superior flatness, vibration dampening, durability, maintenance as well as its trademark fire retardant capabilities. It is finished in a polyester paint, which is resistant to both corrosion and moisture in interior applications.

The Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation manufactures Alpolic/fr LT exclusively for HVG, for distribution throughout Australia.

Currently HVG stocks a standard range of eight colours that includes solid and metallic colours as well as a timber patterned finish. Other colours are available as special orders; minimum quantities apply.

HVG also supplies AR +, Creastyle, Creametal, Seratone Metallics, Seratone Oxide, XO, and Smartstone quartz and marble exclusively throughout Australia.

For further information contact 1300 558 882, www.halifaxvogel.com.au