By Aimee Chanthadavong

Activewear retailer Lorna Jane has paired up with digital signage company Five Faces to debut an in-store Facebook initiative, known as SocialEyes.

SocialEyes is an interactive display system which will allow Lorna Jane to promote its brand, product and customer shopping experience in a single marketing platform.

It works by customers taking photos of themselves in the stores via a reflective digital mirror. Using the mirror’s touch screen technology, the photo can be sent directly to the Lorna Jane Facebook page, where customers will receive feedback from the online Lorna Jane community on their outfit or choice of items they are considering buying. Once the photo is sent customers will receive a code word that entitles them to an instant in-store reward and they will go into a draw to win a $250 Lorna Jane wardrobe

Customers will also be able to tag themselves in photos taken in-store and found in the album ‘Strike A Pose’ on the Lorna Jane Facebook page.

Founder and creative director, Lorna Jane Clarkson told RetailBiz the integration of social media has been a vital and valuable addition to its stores with belief that SocialEyes will help drive this further.

“As a retailer it is important to stay up to date with the latest trends and social media is one of those that we have stayed abreast of when other retailers haven’t. Facebook has become one of our most valuable marketing tools and allows us to have direct and immediate contact with our customers around the country. We now have over 230,000 fans on Facebook which allows us to communicate directly with a targeted audience,” she said.

“SocialEyes presented an opportunity that we felt would provide something unique. We understand that every time our customers walk into our stores they want to see something new and exciting. This is why we continue to produce monthly collections so that we can consistently inject our stores with fresh stock. The SocialEyes technology is another exciting addition. Customers can communicate through Facebook and not only promote the fact they are in the store but also showcase what they are trying on or have purchased.”

Clarkson also highlighted that the technology will help bridge the gap between the online and in-store shopping experience.

“We believe there is a direct link between online and in-store. Our research shows that multi-channel shoppers spend two to three times more than single-channel shoppers, so we aim to push the in-store customer online and vice versa,” she said.

“This is a key tool in giving the business a competitive edge in the current retail market. Although the SocialEyes initiative will not accomplish this on its own, it does allow us to begin reinforcing this behaviour through all of our marketing initiatives and habituate customers to shop and engage in multiple channels.”

SocialEyes will also be used to promote the latest Lorna Jane campaigns in-store with promotional videos and marketing material.

Founder and CEO of Five Faces Yazz Krishna said he is excited to be working with the activewear brand.

“Lorna Jane will be the first retailer to put the SocialEyes system in their retail outlet, and we look forward to working with an inspirational and innovative brand like Lorna Jane to provide this new social experience to their customers,” he said.

The technology will debut in three stores in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, starting with Chermside on November 16th followed by World Square in Sydney and Chadstone in Melbourne.

The launch will coincide with the retailer’s Follow My Lead campaign, which will offer customers an insight into how they can live their best life through the Lorna Jane three pillar philosophy of Move. Nourish. Believe.