Scene7, part of Adobe Systems Incorporated recently announced that Oli (, a UK fashion website, is leveraging Scene7 hosted rich media solutions to deliver consumers unique internet experiences. Oli is the latest brand from Otto Group, one of the world’s largest home shopping groups.

Their use of Scene7 marks another significant example of how e-commerce companies are optimising the Scene7 OnDemand publishing system to enhance website usability and customer experience, while decreasing time-to-market and costs associated with image creation and publishing.

The Oli site’s internet user experience includes the ability for customers to browse more than 10,000 individual items—either by category, collection or brand—and design their own fashion ensembles using Oli’s interactive ‘Look Book’ tool. Users are able to drag and drop apparel and accessories, dynamically arrange, resize and layer product images, as well as name and save personal collections for future reference. Additionally, users can share their Look Book selections with other people via email.

“Empowering consumers and adding fun, interactive functionality to online shopping is driving the next generation of e-commerce,” says Doug Mack, former CEO of Scene7 and now vice president of Consumer and Hosted Solutions for Adobe.

“We commend Otto UK for its pioneering approach to merchandising on the Oli website and look forward to working with the company as it continues to leverage the Scene7 rich media platform to deliver a distinctive online shopping experience.”

Scene7 OnDemand’s uniquely scalable publishing system renders all the Look Book imagery real-time from original master images and image commands. In addition, Scene7 OnDemand dynamically serves and sizes all imagery on the Oli site for interactive zoom and pan, color change, alternate views, as well as cross-sell and up-sell on both product pages and the shopping basket. Oli also uses Scene7 eVideos to provide rich user experiences with online fashion videos so users can see products in a real-life context.

“When we launched the Oli brand, we wanted to engage our consumers in a new manner and recreate online the simple social experience of shopping,” says Chris Poad, head of e-commerce for Otto UK.

“Scene7’s scalable solution is enabling us to empower consumers with the freedom to design and merchandise outfits to fit their own personal styles and preferences. It is what we are calling a democratisation of fashion.”

Future enhancements planned for the Oli site and its Look Book application include: allowing shoppers to publicly share their personalised outfits for others to review, rate and even purchase, as well as additional features focused on more personalisation and social networking aspects of this collaborative tool.