By Grant Shepherd

SYDNEY, NSW: A nationwide recall has been issued on certain Acer Aspire notebooks due to frayed cabling that may burn consumers.

The recall is for the Acer Aspire AS38 notebooks that were manufactured prior to 15 September 2009 and sold between May and September 2009.

To identify whether this affects you, consumers have to check the product serial number or the “SNID” number. Instructions as to where to locate the serial number or SNID number will be given at the point of contact with Acer. The reason for the recall is that a frayed cable may cause overheating of the notebook case which may in turn burn the operator. The reason the cable may fray has been put down to whether or not the left palm rest is subjected to repeated heavy pressure.

Some of the retailers affected by this recall include: Bing Lee, Harvey Norman, Joyce Mayne, Officeworks, Radio Rentals, Retravision and The Good Guys. For the entire list of retailers see

The recall notice is urging affected customers to contact Acer’s website and click the ‘Service and Support’ link at the top of the page or telephone Acer’s call centre on 1300 365 100 where directions will then be given.

Acer stated that the return and rectification of the issue will be at Acer’s cost.