With the release of version 3.0 of the Yellow Machine software, Anthology Solutions has bundled a Business Class Backup solution with a full version of EMC DANTZ Retrospect Professional with a full five-seat licence.

Retrospect Pro is a business-class backup solution with full support for Windows, Linux, Macintosh desktop and laptop computers. Retrospect Pro brings big business capabilities to the small and medium-sized business, at no extra cost.

Retrospect Pro provides significant advantages in data management, backup and archiving including set up and run in 10 minutes, set and forget ease of use; scheduled progressive backups; optimum use of the network and quick recoveries; boot and restore a PC or laptop from the backup and create a disaster recovery CD directly from the Yellow Machine.

Retrospect Pro business class backup integrates seamlessly with your network. It is transparent to files and applications on the Yellow Machine and does not affect compatibility with networked clients.

Using the built-in Retrospect Pro software capabilities such as the ‘full image backup’, the Yellow Machine allows small to medium-sized businesses to develop and implement sensible and manageable disaster recovery and business continuity processes and procedures that were once only available to big business.

In addition to full image backup and file / folder backup, Retrospect Pro uses an intelligent job scheduler which eliminates network congestion.

Retrospect Pro is designed for mobile users who need to undock from the network. Users can disconnect their laptop as needed and Retrospect Pro will resume backup when the laptop is reconnected.