Weary workers who need to de-stress after a long day can now get some personal pampering at home at the touch of a button, thanks to the launch of a new range of massage chairs from WOW Sight & Sound stores.

WOW’s director of retail Con Nicolas said the massage chairs were equipped with a full body massage system featuring a total of 17 inflating and deflating air bags to relax the thigh, calf and foot areas of the body.

“The new range delivers a variety of massage techniques including kneading, rolling and percussion, so it feels like you’re being rubbed and kneaded by a professional all at the touch of a button,” he said.

“They’re the perfect way to de-stress in the privacy of your own home. They also make an ideal addition to a home theatre room. There is nothing better than watching your favourite movie while receiving a therapeutic massage. ”

Ranging in price from $2499 for a basic model to $3999 for the Oxygen model, the new products feature leather matched upholstery, power inclined back and footrests, and a dual LCD remote controller.

The Oxygen and Delux ($3499) models have the added features of automatic spine detection, footrest heating, infrared automatic detection of pets, and a music synchronisation function.

Nicolas said unlike other massage chairs on the market, WOW’s new range, available in sleek black leather designs, were the perfect combination of contemporary style and hi-tech features.

“These are great new products that won’t look out of place in a stylish living room and will be a showcase in anyone’s home. Everyone will want to have a go. Once they sit down and turn it on they won’t want stop.

“They come with the latest massage technology and the Oxygen model even features a globally patented, 30 per cent oxygen enriched system which allows you to inhale high purity oxygen while being massaged.”

WOW Sight & Sound currently has 12 stores throughout Australia, with a number of other superstores either under construction, or in the planning phase. The company offers a selection of over 20,000 products including an extensive range of home entertainment systems, computers, digital cameras, CDs, DVDs, car stereo accessories plus lots more.

For further information on WOW’s massage chair range visit www.wowwicked.com.au