In what appears to be a natural progression in the huge interest in natural stone such as travertine, marble and limestone for walls and floors, a highly textured look for walls is now gaining currency.

Two looks that are reported to be very popular in Amber stores are the Cascade and Cracked Marble. Most often, wherever this cladding is used it is teamed with a similarly toned natural stone as floor tiles.

Cascade features a highly textured finish with lots of veining in ivory on a background of greys – the overall effect mimics that of the ripples caused by water cascading down a rock face. Each piece is a rectangular shape measuring 400mm x 100mm in cream or grey marble that is butt mounted for high visual impact.

Cracked Marble, available in cream or grey marble, features a series of symmetrical ridges and is available in pieces measuring 200mm x 305mm and 300mm x 600mm. These should also be butt mounted for the most visually exciting effect.

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