Warren Turner, a partner in the successful OzePharmacy group, wanted a point of difference to highlight the expansion of their pharmacy in the Hills Homemaker Centre.

During a visit to CEBIT, the national technology exhibition held at Darling Harbour, Warren found exactly what he was looking for – the Milestone Digital Rear Projection Display.

Warren was immediately excited by the prospect of having a large format screen in each store – not only would this give him the point of difference he was after but it would also give him a unique way to communicate with his customers, allowing him to keep them both entertained and informed while they waited for their prescriptions to be filled.

The digital signage system consists of a high-powered ceiling mounted DLP multimedia projector, high gain rear projection screen, a purpose built media player and digital signage software, all supplied by Milestone Solutions. As Warren wanted impact, he opted for a large 67” screen, which was located behind the customer service counter, in clear view from anywhere in the store.

Christian Todd, OzePharmacy store manager confirmed the advantages of the digital signage system.
“Not only does it entertain our customers while they wait for their prescriptions but it allows us to promote our products and services in a format that is both innovative and professional. We like that we can feature special promotions or target slow moving stock. The system has also reduced the need for posters cluttering the walls. Unlike a sign or poster the screen can be updated quickly, without printing lead times and the associated costs.”

“We’ve had some really great feedback from customers too”, said Christian. “Comments like "I think it’s great, very informative", "It’s a good idea, it certainly helps kill time while waiting for prescriptions" and "I think all pharmacies should do this", are common.”

Because the system can schedule and display all the most popular content formats seamlessly moving from one to the next, it can be used to display a wide variety of content. It even plays Free-to-air TV and DVD movies. “Kid’s love it when we play DVD’s.

We also have a monthly infomercial CD provided by the Pharmacy Guild that we play, this contains a lot of interesting and useful information for our customers”, Christian said.

Although Warren specifically chose the digital rear projection solution for his pharmacies, the same media player and software, which forms the backbone of the system, will work with any LCD, plasma, kiosk or front projection screen. With sizes varying from a few centimetres to many metres the screens can be deployed pretty much anywhere. Lifts, building foyers, display features, menu boards, clubs and pubs – the applications are endless.

Another great feature is that the system can be used standalone or networked as part of a much larger group of displays. If networked there is no limit to the number and location of screens.

They can be connected via a normal office network or over the Internet. The system can also be run over a wireless connection or via the mobile phone GPRS network This allows you to easily control your digital signage network from anywhere in the world.