Three-dimensional printing is transforming breakfast and taking the home appliance industry by storm in a revolutionary feat of engineering that lets you print your own doughnuts.

Krispy Kreme has launched its 3Doughnut Printer, which it says "allows consumers to 3D print their own little moments of delectable joy at just the touch of a button." Yours for a snap at $8990.

Whether it's cinnamon, Karamel glazed or chocolate iced or a dozen of Krispy Kreme's orginal glazed doughnuts you can print out the whole lot in your own kitchen. 

Other features include being able to print a doughnut with a selfie on it or send a personalised doughnut to a friend on their birthday. Doughnut afficionados can also customise their creations with special glaze pods. 

Krispy Kreme says the limited-edition printer comes with 12 pods of Krispy Kreme's world-famous special glaze "to achieve the same mouth-watering flavours at home."

"With an RRP of $8,990, the Krispy Kreme 3Doughnut Printer is definitely a big ticket item for early adopters and ultimate fans of the humble doughnut," says the company.

Over here at RetailBiz, we were getting hot under the collar this morning at the thought of a being able to print our own favourite KK doughnut, the apple custard crumble, while still in our pajaymas, but despondency set in when we checked the company's website and discovered the distressing news. 

"3Doughnut Printer is not an actual product. April Fools!!" announced the website

In fact, RetailBiz was so convinced of the product's existence that we rang the PR company promoting the 3D printer to find out more information. Let's hope the reality of 3D-printed doughnuts is not too far away. 


But although the 3D doughnut printer proved to be a hoax, RetailBiz was heartened by the news that you can stencil and cook your own pancake using US company's Storebound Pancakebot and this one's for real!

The $300 Pancakebot drawns an endless variety of edible pancake shapes then cooks them on its own electric skillet. 

Storebound said it had begun shipping a final version of the appliance and it will be available to customers in May.