Producing catchy signage is an art. In a world saturated by advertising, you want your messages to be fresh and interesting so they ‘cut through’ and grab shoppers’ attention. But retail can move at breakneck speed—by the time you’ve sent your carefully crafted message off to the printers, your suppliers have released a new deal, or added a sweetener to the current offering…

This means it can be a genuine business advantage to be able to produce your own signage in-house. Not only can you create new messages faster, but you’ll also save on the cost and hassle of sending designs to a printer.

While we love the great work a professional designer can do—and we definitely recommend it for your big campaigns and strategic marketing—there’s no reason why you can’t design tactical in-store signage yourself. Just keep in mind these rules, backed by psychological research:

  • Keep it simple
  • Consistently use colour to break through
  • Scale the size of the sign to the environment
  • Use unique shapes to generate visual interest
  • Locate branding near the visual to create stronger brand linkage
  • Keep headlines short
  • Ensure the right balance between the headline and visual

A good A3 printer can save you considerable time and hassle while allowing you to print visually striking signs at an effective size.

Whatever you produce, and however you produce it, one thing is for sure: if your signage isn’t working for you, you’re missing a great opportunity to build your brand, inform your customers and ultimately bring more people to the register.

Brother’s market leading A3 inkjet machines are the go-to for retail stores and restaurants to produce high-quality signage and menus in-house—so how can we help your business?

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