Concept of futuristic consumer technology, woman using transparent tablet in store and viewing customized special offers

Today, customers expect brands to blend seamlessly into their lives – adapting to their context and interest, online or in-person. Retailers must nail personalisation to the tee to attract customers and build customer loyalty. When done well, 76% of consumers will keep returning to your brand, and 85% will recommend you to their social circles1.

With the lines blurring between digital and in-person shopping, it’s crucial that retailers view both mediums as singular to craft seamless, personalised customer journeys. However, many find delivering such services across online and offline channels challenging. Additionally, retailers struggle to manage and optimise customer journeys while simultaneously providing efficient and empathetic services.

Woman creating her own products by using print on demand service online

To successfully personalise customers’ experiences, brands must understand customers and their needs in context. Artificial intelligence (AI) can help achieve this in 3 ways:

  1. Identify patterns and recognise intent. Consumers offer troves full of information that can be captured and analysed whenever they interact with your brand.  When the data is connected, AI can find trends and provide a holistic customer understanding.
  2. Offer proactive support. With a high level of customer comprehension, AI can predict customer behaviour, allowing your brand to offer personalised support on the right channels at the right time. For example, learning when a customer is about to abandon the cart so you can reach out and provide targeted support to reduce abandonment.
  3. Allowing customers to self-serve. AI can respond intelligently to user inquiries. Customers get to reach out to you at their convenience and receive immediate responses. On top of that, you free agents from mundane and tedious tasks, allowing them to focus on more complex work.

Designing personalised customer journeys does not need to be challenging. With holistic customer understanding, proactive support and self-service capabilities, you get to create unique experiences for everyone – nurturing customer happiness.


Pilecki (2021). CX is a critical driver of emotional loyalty.