The past two years have dramatically altered the way that retailers do business. In the midst of untold challenges – many of which continue to this day – owners, managers, and employees have responded with resilience, creativity, and innovation.

Technology has been an enabler for a lot of this change. Businesses across all industries moved online to sell their products and services, and leaned into ecommerce software to help create customer experiences that they expect when shopping online. 

But even as the world returns to some sense of normalcy, the pace of change remains unrelenting. The pivots made to survive during the past few years are now strategies that will help businesses to grow and thrive in the future. Today, businesses in all industries have to meet the customer where they are. And that’s a combination of in person and online.

Square has been building tools that help our sellers quickly adapt to these new omnichannel needs, including our latest release – the new Square Stand. 

We launched Square Online to allow companies to sell their products and services on the internet; we launched Square Register to give larger businesses, with more complex needs, a better solution to run their business; and now the new Square Stand that, with Square’s powerful ecosystem of software products, gives businesses an all-in-one command centre for omnichannel operations.

The Square Stand is an iconic piece of hardware, one that’s noticeable in many retailers. When we first introduced it in 2013, the original Square Stand was a transformational iPad point of sale system, giving merchants a way to take payments and access insights and analytics, all from one place. It remains among our most popular products. 

But we’re constantly improving our hardware and software to meet our sellers’ ever-evolving needs.

The new Square Stand combines Square’s point of sale software and hardware into one complete solution, enabling sellers to take in-person payments and manage ecommerce sales, deliveries, and buy online, pick-up in-store orders from a single place. 

We’ve also integrated Square’s lightning-fast contactless card readers into the Stand, helping transform and improve reliability and the buyer experience.

Australian retailers are now more complex than ever, with the need to offer omnichannel customer experiences, responsive inventory management in the face of supply chain challenges, and flexible workforce management to respond to COVID isolations. 

Having the right technology, which brings all the aspects of running a modern retail business together in one place, is vital. The new Square Stand means retail businesses can more easily respond to constantly evolving challenges, helping them achieve success in a highly competitive market.

As Australian retail businesses look to the future, the technology that underpins the creativity, enthusiasm, and perseverance of owners and employees must follow suit. With the new Square Stand, technology not only keeps pace, but empowers you to do even more. 

The Square Stand is our most affordable, all-in-one countertop product and is available for order today.

Written by Colin Birney, head of business development at Square Australia.