BigCommerce is the platform powering ecommerce for mid-market and enterprise brands across all online channels. With tens of thousands of merchants from retail to B2B, BigCommerce is the platform behind websites like Adore Beauty, Vodafone, Solo Stove and Skullcandy.  

According to BigCommerce CEO, Brent Bellm, BigCommerce is the only ecommerce platform businesses will ever need: “We’re the best fit in the market for brands that want to modernise and scale. E-commerce brands need a platform that doesn’t hold them back. A platform of high performance, freedom, expert support and operational efficiencies. Ecommerce is what we do and it’s all we do.”

BigCommerce chief technology officer, Brian Dhatt added, “Cookie-cutter ecommerce doesn’t cut it anymore. At BigCommerce, we give you the power to customise without the typical cost and complexity. We want brands to be able to focus their time and resources on what really matters — enhancing the customer experience and growing their business.”

BigCommerce is the market leader in five ecommerce imperatives:

  1. Engage: BigCommerce is the only ecommerce solution that offers the choice of native low/no code tools, a headless solution, or both in a Multi-Storefront ecosystem. 
  2. Attract: Maximise site traffic, demand, and sales across leading search, social, ad, affiliate, and marketplace channels. BigCommerce’s Feedonomics is the top-rated enterprise solution for omnichannel integration, data aggregation and transformation, catalogue syndication and order syncing.
  3. Convert: Increase conversion rates with the best one-page checkout user experience, industry-leading payments, shipping and tax capabilities, customisability, and B2B functionality with over 130 leading payment providers pre-integrated, 0% additional transaction fees and no proprietary penalties.
  4. Expand: Add brands, geographies, and channels with unique storefronts, while growing revenue with native Multi-Storefront, B2B andB2C, omnichannel Click and Collect, and Commerce-as-a-Service.
  5. Operate: Offering enterprise performance and ecommerce capabilities without traditional monolith expense, friction, or complexity. BigCommerce manages hosting, performance, quality, updates, platform innovation and pre-integration with best-in-class technologies and partners.

BigCommerce customers share their success stories 

Since partnering with BigCommerce, Australian audio-visual dealer, Videopro experienced a 21.5% increase in customers, 38% increase in revenue and 12% increase in average order value from January to November 2022. 

Prior to BigCommerce, Videopro’s storefront was hosted on a restrictive ‘.net’ platform, which limited digital growth. Videopro incorporated custom elements across its entire tech stack, with BigCommerce headless architecture as the foundation, allowing for changes and updates to the backend without disrupting the customer experience. Videopro now has total control of content management, with the ability to add open API architecture and pre-integrated apps.

Recently named Online Retailer of the Year at ORIAS, apparel and accessories brand, Birdsnest chose BigCommerce when it moved away from its bespoke platform to leverage its wide range of solutions, plug-and-play app functionality and excellent customer service.

In August 2022, Birdsnest began selling pre-loved clothing thanks to the use of APIs and updates to its product information management (PIM) solution. Now the retailer can use a single database for imagery and product information for two separate feeds for new and pre-loved items.

Global climbing equipment and outdoor gear supplier, Black Diamond hosted its original website on a monolithic platform, which meant the company needed to engage developers to make site updates or modifications. 

Without the ability to blend product content and stories throughout the user experience, Black Diamond’s content felt siloed and disconnected from the brand. Integrating content often required time, money and reliance on developers, limiting the ability to innovate on the fly. Partnering with BigCommerce provided the headless architecture and open APIs required to quickly create custom integrations and functionality.  

Helping manage multiple markets 

From day one, non-alcoholic spirit producer, Lyre’s Spirit Co knew it needed a platform that could support its global aspirations to become a multi-country, multi-language and multi-currency business. 

Lyre’s was looking for a versatile SaaS e-commerce platform that offered flexibility, scalability and control, as well as being affordable and expandable with vetted apps and integrations without the need for developers. 

In just 12 months, the company’s conversion rate increased 191%, orders were up 184% and revenue lifted 226% and in its first year, Lyre’s launched 15 online stores on BigCommerce. As of May 2021, store numbers grew to 22 with launches throughout APAC, Europe, the US and Canada.

Skullcandy, a global leader in the audio space, started out selling on a monolithic ecommerce platform, but they quickly began running into challenges. It was expensive to manage and maintain, didn’t have a lot of agility, and the team was tied to using external development resources that resulted in higher costs. 

That’s when they made the switch to BigCommerce. With the help of The ZaneRay Group, an award-winning BigCommerce agency partner, they launched a total of seven international sites in three languages and four currencies in just six months. Now, five years later, Skullcandy has seen a 200% increase in revenue — and there’s only more growth on the horizon.

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