An award-winning Australian wellness marketplace is set to expand  into the UK and US after making new strides in the lucrative wellbeing industry.

InnerOrigin, Australia’s first online marketplace for certified organic products, last week announced it will expand  into the US, UK, Singapore and Japan.

The marketplace, which has an edit of over a hundred wellbeing products, said it will start shipping into these countries in the near future, and will fully open in the countries shortly thereafter.

Sally-Anne Ferguson, founder of InnerOrigin last week revealed the plans to Retailbiz.

“We do intend this year to get Inner Origin as a full business model in the US. To start shipping there to get the market going and the brand going and we will then take the whole brand over,” she said.

“We built the business model for global expansion. That was always out vision but we also always wanted to be born out of Australia, we do feel people around the world view Australia as a very wellness-oriented and clean country. ”

Ms Ferguson says she is a firm believer that the time is ripe for the brand to expand globally given the 30 per cent year on year expansion of the wellness industry.

Sally-Anne Ferguson, founder of InnerOrigin

The brand’s mission to expand globally is slated at not just raising awareness and increasing transparency around organic products for consumers, but to help support the growth of certified organic suppliers.

“I have a deep belief system that over the next few years there will be an overturning of brands because the well

ess industry is growing so much because awareness is peaking. But the brands that will make it through need a hand,” she said.

“Inner Origin is hand-picking the best and holding their hand through that growth.”

The company’s growth doesn’t end with global expansion, Ms Ferguson says, with InnerOrigin on an ongoing mission to innovate and expand its omnichannel presence, which earlier this year saw it launch Australia’s first touch-learn-order store.

Later this year the company is also set to open a flagship store with its exclusive touch-learn-feel offering, Ms Ferguson says.

“As a business model I do believe we will be a  revolution around the world. Because we’re bringing together community and people’s involvement, it’s a very collaborative business model.”