Australian budget shoe retailer Spendless Shoes is leveraging tech to improve both the employee and customer experience.

For the past two and a half years, Spendless Shoes has been automating its onboarding and offboarding process – and has found huge efficiencies while also boosting the employee experience.

Managing 213 stores nationwide and around 1,000 team members, the retailer wanted to optimise HR procedures so that staff could spend less time in admin and more time with customers.

The technology allows the retailer to do all of the onboarding, offboarding and staff life-cycle management online, substantially reducing the administrative burden.

Alana Sfitskis, employee journey coordinator, Spendless Shoes told Retailbiz that the technology has been game-changing for the company.

“Our customer is number one and it’s really important to build winning relationships so by streamlining these processes it gives team members more time to spend with customer and if employees are engaged with customers we will continue to be the world’s friendliest shoe people,” she said.

Prior to introducing the technology, the retailer had a manual onboarding and offboarding process which took up to two weeks.

“Everything was manual and all paper based so it took nearly two weeks to get the paperwork back not it’s just a few minutes to create and send the offer. So really we’ve gone from two weeks to a couple of hours.”

Now, with the process taking just a few hours, Ms Sfitskis says staff not only stay longer but also have more time to spend with customers.