Adore Beauty has achieved a 30 per cent increase in warehouse productivity, reduced customer order costs by 50 per cent and improved outbound order accuracy to 99.9 per cent since implementing Zebra touch mobile computers just over one year ago.

Further, with Zebra’s TC8000, warehouse staff can type up to 40 per cent faster with 60 per cent fewer errors thanks to the Zebra Enterprise Keyboard.

Established in 2000 as the first beauty e-commerce site in Australia, Adore Beauty now has a stock list of more than 250 global beauty brands with over 13,000 products. On average, it dispatches approximately 6,500 orders daily from its new warehouse in Keilor Park in Melbourne’s north-west, and its warehouse employee count is set to reach 100 by late 2019.

In response to rapid growth, Adore Beauty needed an alternative to its paper-based warehouse solution to meet increased customer order numbers by improving the speed and accuracy of its picking process.

Adore Beauty warehouse operations manager, Charley Fisk said the Zebra TC8000 mobile computers offered unique ergonomics suited for the retailer’s warehouse workflows with a light and rugged design.

“From an operational perspective, deploying the TC8000 was seamless with no interruptions to our supply chain operations, and most importantly, the device gives us a platform that we can leverage to support future growth.”

Zebra Technologies regional director of Australia and New Zealand, Tom Christodoulou said the robust, scalable technology solution has helped Adore Beauty modernise its warehouse operations.

“Zebra works closely with our partners like Gamma Solutions to deliver industry-tailored solutions that best cater to our customers like Adore Beauty.”