Industry-leading retail productivity and intelligence platform, Vend has announced a major integration with Pointy from Google to enable its retail partners in Australia, the US, UK and Canada to showcase their products online through Pointy to help drive traffic in store.

Pointy allows retailers to execute an omnichannel strategy by displaying in-store products on Google through an online catalogue (Pointy Page) on their business profile on Google and Google Maps. Through Pointy, shoppers can view a store or product and access information such as product catalogues, stock level estimates, opening hours and contact details.

Around 90% of shoppers globally search online prior to visiting a store, and the volume of “Can I/to buy” searches + “near me” increased six-fold in the last two years, according to Google research.

Data analysis of thousands of retailers using Vend in Australia suggests that retail revenue in June had increased to within 7% of February’s pre-lockdown levels.

Vend founder, Vaughan Fergusson said the integration is significant not only for Vend but for thousands of independent retailers across Australia, the US, UK and Canada.

“In our ongoing endeavour to provide retailers with industry-leading software, the integration with Pointy from Google empowers retailers with technology to help attract new customers and drive bottom line growth at a time when it’s never been more critical,” he said.

“In the increasingly competitive retail tech market, integrations like this one with Pointy are a key strategic focus for Vend as we continue to build an agnostic, ‘open ecosystem’ of cloud-based solutions that make up our integrated retail hub platform. Savvy retailers understand that they must be active both online and as bricks-and-mortar businesses to cater to multi-channel shoppers. By utilising Pointy, retailers can develop the truly omnichannel strategy they need to provide the holistic, convenient and delightful customer experiences that will define the retail spring.”

Pointy, which normally retails at AUD$1,299, will be free for all Vend customers and includes AUD$100 Google Ad credits.