RCG has launched The Athlete’s Foot’s online shopping site.

RCG’s chairman Ivan Hammerschlag said the launch of the e-store is another step in the execution of The Athlete's Foot’s multiâ€Âchannel retail strategy.

“We operate a highly consumer centric business and we need to provide our customers with all the tools and services that they need to make informed and engaged decisions, in channels which are the most appealing to them,” he said.

Together with endâ€Âtoâ€Âend customer processes and seamless integration with the business’s 140 Australian stores, the eâ€Âcommerce site is expected to reinforce The Athlete’s Foot’s position as Australia’s leading authority in branded athletic and lifestyle footwear.

“We expect to leverage off the growth in the digital channel, with the aim of delivering both additional sales and conveying our fit and service message in more relevant ways to a new audience.

We believe that this will strengthen and enhance our business’s ability to connect with our customers and will drive additional sales not only via the digital channel but also through our traditional bricks and mortar stores,” Hammerschlag said.

The Athlete’s Foot now has a skilled and dedicated multiâ€Âchannel team who, together with the operations and marketing teams, are tasked with the responsibility of creating and enhancing those vital touch points between customers and The Athlete’s Foot store owners and staff.