A new Australian men’s fashion website is taking on the international online retail competition with a local alternative, offering to send multiple sizes to customers who can return the unwanted ones, free of charge.
Kaeho.com.au, an Australian online fashion store, encourages customers to order what they want in as many sizes as they’d like, try them on in their own home, and send back anything that doesn’t fit or that they don’t like for a full refund – effectively turning their bedroom into a fitting room.
Kaeho.com.au pays for all the shipping both ways, and it promises to ship overnight.
Daniel Clark, co-founder of Kaeho.com.au said shopping overseas means customers have to wait for stuff to arrive, and if it’s the wrong size or is damaged in any way, the time you need to wait multiplies by three.
“People shop online because of price, product availability or convenience. Whilst sometimes it might seem cheaper to shop overseas, if anything goes wrong you spend so much time to resolve it and you’re still without your purchase 2-3 weeks later.
“We’re probably the easiest retailer to deal with, because we focus on customers and not profits. As consumers ourselves, we don’t like it when retailers lock us in. So we don’t lock in our customers. If you don’t like what you ordered, we’ll refund your card within 24 hours ad we’ll pay the shipping so you’re not out of pocket.”
Daniel Clark & Joseph Vuong co-founded Kaeho.com.au late last year. The duo hopes that its policy of ‘buy it, try it, keep it or return it’ will improve customers perceptions of local online retailing and bring back customers to Australia.

This story first appeared on TandLnews.com.au