SurfStitch has reached the milestone of making 400 brands available on its website.

Lex Pedersen, SurfStitch managing director, said the reaching the 400 milestone is an achievement for the company.

“Providing our customers with exclusive and unique products, together with investing continually in our customer service and on site experience, are all things we strongly believe in,” he said.

To mark the 400-brand milestone, SurfStitch will allow online followers to contribute ideas of how they would turn an average day into something extraordinary. SurfStitch will publish a shortlist of the most unique entries, with one winner having the chance to fulfill their ideal experience.

This initiative derived from a company philosophy, where all 250 staff members in the SurfStitch family are encouraged and supported to reach personal goals outside of the workplace. From this view, an internal program was developed to give each individual the opportunity to fulfill certain dreams that would otherwise be difficult to factor into their daily lives.

Continuing the 400 brand celebration, SurfStitch will also be releasing a series of offers across the website for the entire month as a thank you to their growing fan base.