US website building and hosting company, Squarespace has developed its biggest product release for this year, Member Areas.

Member Areas is a new add-on product that allows creators to monetise their website by gating content in members-only areas, intended to provide another revenue stream for customers. 

The product was built to support a range of use cases, from community groups like teams or clubs to educators like fitness instructors, to general content-gaters like independent publications. For example, restaurants can gate-keep recipes or cooking classes if dining is at capacity, and educators or instructors can create member-specific classes and lectures.

For retailers, Members Areas opens up the possibility for merchants to offer new giftable products, customer-specific education sessions or classes.

With Member Areas, creators can create fully customisable groups that work for their specific business needs, offer membership levels, create multiple members-only areas on their website, easily manage members in one location, set membership costs (one-time fee or recurring) and keep email marketing lists automatically in-sync with memberships.