All-in-one website building and ecommerce platform, Squarespace has released new product features and updates to address the evolving needs of entrepreneurs by helping them streamline their presence, monetise their audiences and content, and ultimately scale their business.

Squarespace is also introducing Squarespace Icons, a new campaign that pairs the brand with creatives and entrepreneurs to design limited-edition templates. The first collaboration features an exclusive Fluid Engine template with multidisciplinary artist, Björk.  

“Creating Squarespace Refresh represents a great way for us to showcase the incredible progress we have made over the past year,” Squarespace founder and CEO, Anthony Casalena said.

“From delivering Unbreakable Creativity in web design with the launch of Fluid Engine and our limited-edition template with Björk, to introducing new dynamic monetization capabilities, we are excited to launch these powerful and creative tools to help anyone express their ideas and succeed online.”

Tools to monetise an audience

  • Video monetisation: Natively host video content on Squarespace’s video pages and sell membership access to gated video content. New updates include asset protection tools, in-player video paywalls, and the ability to manage subscriptions with a new digital product composer and inventory panel.
  • Custom Merch: Easily create and sell custom products with no overhead. Through a partnership with Printful, Squarespace has created a seamless experience to easily start selling products. Custom Merch powers production, shipping and fulfilment.
  • Sell anywhere: New ways to connect product inventory directly to other platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Google, and YouTube to transact with customers where they already are.
  • Commerce releases: New features including product reviews, display related items in customer carts, and pay-as-you-go checkout options help customers increase their sales. Merchants can streamline shipping with a new order status page for customers, USPS shipping label purchasing and printing through Squarespace, and local pickup options.
  • Squarespace Scheduling: Book and manage appointments and classes, and collect payments with custom invoicing that can be shared with clients to track and collect payments.

Tools to build a brand

  • Fluid Engine: A next generation drag-and-drop editor that gives entrepreneurs complete control over their content.
  • Unfold: Video-first, all-in-one platform to create content for social media in minutes. Updates include exclusive templates for TikTok and Instagram Reels, and the ability to create, sell, and promote digital collectibles. 
  • Bio Sites from Squarespace: Through the Unfold app or Squarespace’s new web editor, create a one-page link-in-bio website to feature content, merchandise, digital collectables, and more. Users can also accept tips from supporters and collect funds for projects with the Tips, Support Me and Crowdfunding options. 
  • Updated Website Design Tools: Updates like new scrolling blocks, text highlights, text scaling, and button styles, enabling anyone to express their aesthetic and personality.

Tools to manage a business

  • Run your business from your phone: Take your business with you wherever you go with the updated Squarespace app. 
  • Instant Marketing Content: Instant marketing assets, including still images, gifs, and videos, created from products and brand colours for social media, email marketing, and video ads. Manage bookings and invoices with the Squarespace Scheduling app.
  • Asset library: A central hub for creators to share assets. Upload images and videos from a phone or desktop and use them across Squarespace. Access and organise content in one place.