Almost three out of five (57%) Australian consumers are concerned about the speed and ease of returns, as potential barriers to stop them from shopping online, a new survey conducted by Cint consumer panels on behalf of global payments and shopping provider, Klarna, has found. Further, 42% of Australians are concerned about sharing their financial or personal details with a website.

The online survey of 1,000 people aged between 18 and 45 found that 28% of Australians shop online at least once a week and this figure jumps to 33% for people aged 26 to 35.

The five most popular categories for all Australian shoppers online are takeaway (71%), groceries (60%), clothing (54%), entertainment (52%) and skincare and cosmetics (50%).

Almost half (49%) of Australian men would rather shop from their desktop or laptop, whereas Australian women prefer to shop via a mobile or tablet (42%). One in five Australians prefer to shop via an app with almost half of the population inspired to buy particular products from Facebook (49%), compared to Youtube (42%), Instagram (40%) and Pinterest (20%).

When it comes to paying online, using a debit card remains the number one choice for majority (57%) of Australians. Two in five (40%) would prefer to use a credit card with almost one in three (32%) preferring to pay in instalments.

Australian buy-now-pay-later users saw BNPL as both a payment method and budgeting tool to better plan cash flow, making them feel smart, conscious and financially responsible, according to a recent Deloitte Financial Consciousness Index.

Compared to markets accustomed to one-day free deliveries and returns with no questions asked, Australians have low expectations for their online shopping experience with returns being the number one pain point. Exchange rates, shopping costs, currency conversions and delivery times are also areas of frustration.

“Klarna offers a one-stop-shopping destination that appeals to the online shopper looking to engage with a brand that offers a seamless and transparent process to shop, and makes them feel in control,” Klarna general manager for ANZ, Fran Ereira said.

“Klarna is enjoyed by people of all ages who value convenience, flexibility and financial control. Our financially savvy customers like to maximise their cash flow and the shopping app allows them to pay later at any online retailer, across fashion, beauty, home goods, consumer electronics, sports and outdoor brands.”