Earlier this year, the Superior Online Community (SOC) Exchange, was launched in Australia to offer consumers an alternative platform to eBay to buy and sell items.

Now, SOC Exchange has extended this offering to Australian retailers, allowing them to establish or boost their online presence to customers.
As part of the new platform, retailers are able to setup their own webstore; publish and email weekly specials or offers; publish blogs, messages and reviews; and provide a free search listing.

SOC Exchange CEO Franco Lagudi said for a fee of just $10 a year, retailers have the chance to own a piece of the internet without the complications or expenses of setting up and maintaining their own website.

“While big operators can spend a fortune on mainstream advertising to promote their businesses, independent retailers and hospitality operators do not have the massive budgets to advertise and promote their business,” he said.

“Their problem is now solved as they can compete by instantly emailing their customers with their specials, including the ability to offer online shopping or the visual display of their stock items.”

SOC Exchange  covers a range of categories, including grocery, liquor, pubs, bars and restaurants, cake shops, butchers and delicatessens, as well as seafood shops and fruit markets.

It is now rolling out its platform across both Australia and the US.