OfferMe has released a Facebook-like add on which gives users the opportunity to share their buying and selling experiences.
OfferMe has always offered a unique approach to buying and selling online, being one of the first platforms in Australia to adopt the e-commerce 2.0 concept to such a large extent.
The social shopping network feature, which launched last week in its beta stage, has been embedded into the site, giving users the opportunity to discuss their buying decisions with like-minded individuals.
OfferMe InTouch has been specifically designed for users to have a place on OfferMe to come together, share deals, ask questions, review products, help each other to get the best offers and invite friends to share in their buying experience even if they are not on OfferMe.
OfferMe recruited their current users to participate in the beta testing stage where they can use the network and provide invaluable feedback to OfferMe before the feature is officially launched to the public in the coming months.