Leading video-based platform, Tolstoy is revolutionising the social commerce experience by helping brands drive sales through shoppable and interactive videos.

Tolstoy’s interactive and shoppable videos can be embedded in e-commerce sites, sent via SMS and email, or displayed as stories, a Carousel or Widget. This enables users to scroll through videos to view products and buy directly from the videos with ‘add to cart’ or ‘shop now’ buttons.

Data from the Cisco Annual Internet Report White Paper suggests that by the end of 2022, over 82% of all consumer online traffic will be spent viewing video content.  

“Audiences of tomorrow demand more complexity and authenticity. Tolstoy can channel this desire to help businesses build the valuable connections they need to succeed and stand out from their competitors,” Tolstoy co-founder and CEO, Dov Kaufmann said.

“Australians are forward thinking and receptive towards new e-commerce models which is why Australia remains an extremely important market for us.”

Video is increasingly driving purchase decisions with Tolstoy’s data indicating a 307% conversion increase, 40x ROI, and up to 4x more time on-site for brands that incorporate its video feeds. Recent statistics also reveal that the average person spends nearly two hours a day watching videos, and video posts attract 48% more views than static posts.

“We consider ourselves to be a data company as well. The future of e-commerce is heavily invested in data and analytics. Through this data, Tolstoy’s customers can propel their commercial decisions with informed insights that will heavily increase their campaign’s impact,” Kaufmann said.

Tolstoy employs 50 staff and works with over 5,000 brands including Australian businesses like LSKD, Culture Kings, Tropeaka, and Hero Packaging.