Shopify has announced a major set of 100+ platform updates with new features that unlock the power of mobile commerce and meet shifting shopping preferences with a seamless checkout experience.

“Not even a year ago we launched our first Edition, and now our Winter ‘23 Edition showcases over a hundred more products and features we’ve built in the last six months alone,”Shopify president, Harley Finkelsteinsaid.

“We know we need to be the fastest moving commerce company because our merchants depend on Shopify’s innovation for their own longevity. With this Edition, we moved quickly to offer tools that help merchants access the promise of mobile commerce, meet customer expectations for fast delivery and seamless checkout, and sell more with AI.”

With more than 5.5 billion orders processed, Shopify Checkout is reliable, scalable, and fast. However, with close to three-quarters (74%) of Australian consumers saying that price rules purchase decisions in the current economic environment, Shopify is launching new levels of extensibility to help merchants optimise for conversion.

Using learnings from Shop Pay, Shopify Checkout now offers a drag and drop checkout editor for merchants to install apps that add greater functionality, like upsells, recommendations, loyalty programs, and more. An enhanced developer tool makes it possible for developers to customise Checkout to curate a brand-specific customer experience, while the new one-page checkout streamlines existing Checkout and adds app-based customisations.

Shop is a shopping destination and delivery tracking app available to Australian customers on both iOS and Android, with more than 100 million users globally. Shopify is introducing new functionality to the Shop app for an out-of-the-box mobile strategy without needing technical resources and personnel.

New for the Winter ‘23 Edition includes Shop Minis to give developers a new way to build for mobile. The Shop Mini software development kit enables developers to extend their Shopify app functionality to Shop. Shop Store customisation delivers an increase of up to 15%  in conversion by giving merchants greater control over the look and feel of their Shop Store with features like product collections, best sellers, reviews, and branding elements. Lastly, Sign in with Shop seamlessly integrates with Shop Pay on Apple and Android devices with new biometric passkeys for an easier sign in experience. 

Shopify managing director for Asia Pacific and Japan, Shaun Broughton highlighted the impact these changes will have on Australian merchants who are navigating significant economic and consumer shifts in 2023.

“Commerce looks different this year as consumer behaviour and shopping habits shift in response to the current economic environment. Those who stay on the current edge will win, which is why we’re doubling down on our investment in innovation and product development to keep retailers ahead of the curve and give them an advantage over their competitors that’s built to last,” he said.