For brands, Father’s Day is a key moment in the Q3 trading calendar, marking the start of seasonal shopping as people start to plan their festive gift-giving. 

When it comes to gift-giving inspiration, Australians use Pinterest for gift ideas for everyone in their life, including dads. The platform is the ideal place for brands who are looking to reach customers ahead of Father’s Day, and other key calendar moments. 

For brands wanting to use Pinterest to reach shoppers this Father’s Day, Pinterest Australia sales manager Carin Lee-Skelton has shared the following tips.

  1. Be creative – ads on Pinterest are visual and engaging. Think about the Pinterest user – they’re hungry for ideas and education. Consider advertising that inspires, engages, and sells. Create Pins with DIY tips for dad, campaigns that get the whole family involved in the planning and shopping, and emotive ads that truly capture what it is to be a dad. 
  2. Be inclusive – Father’s Day is not just about the “traditional dad.” Pinners are looking for campaigns that celebrate diversity and engage the entire spectrum of “dads” from step-dads, to grandads, two dads and dad figures. 
  3. Lean into bricks and mortar – early industry forecasts predict a return to bricks and mortar shopping for the holidays, and this includes Father’s Day. People are looking forward to planning shopping trips with the kids to find that perfect gift for dad. Use Pinterest for an omnichannel experience – head to the platform to research ideas, and then head in-store to purchase.
  4. Harness the holiday momentum – for many, Father’s Day marks the start of the festive shopping season. Use the occasion to bring shoppers in and get them buying not just for September 4, but for Christmas, summer and beyond. Target campaigns to reach shoppers across the spectrum of the holiday season.
  5. Appeal to the planner – Father’s Day advertising should roll-out early to reach Pinners using the platform to plan and prepare. Pinterest is for planners – it’s a place where shoppers start searching earlier and spend more. One in three Pinners say they want inspiration from brands on how to make this year’s holiday moments, like Father’s Day, better than the last.
  6. Tap into trends – as the home of trends, Pinterest can predict what’s trending before it’s big. Brands should lean into trending Pinterest searches, particularly around gifts and experiences for men, and plan their campaigns accordingly.
  7. Use Pinterest’s shopping tools – Pinterest is a place for people to find the ideal gift that feels personalised. Brands should be using Pinterest’s shopping surfaces to offer customers a complete, friction-free shopping journey from idea, right through to cart. Draw buyers in with inspired new ideas and then make the process to purchase easy with shoppable Pins.