Scoopon has signaled a move into bigger ticket items by becoming the first group buying site to offer air flights.

The deal was flexible, direct return flights from Melbourne to Phuket, Thailand with Strategy Airlines worth $2,298 being offered at a heavily discounted price of $599.

Jon Beros, Scoopon general manager, said the move is part of the company’s intention to extend into new categories and larger value purchases in order to reach new customer segments that have not traditionally shopped on group buying sites.

“The typical shopper of group buying sites is female aged between 20 and 45. Most offers that group buying sites promote are more skewed to this demographic, however we are keen to broaden our appeal and capture the middle ground by bringing the Aussie shopper the best deal on practically anything,” he said.

“The airline industry is one area we can help the Aussie shopper get better value and we are really shaking things up with the unprecedented deal we are running, offering close to 75 per cent off the standard price.”