Salesforce has announced general availability of Slack Sales Elevate, deeply integrating Sales Cloud with Slack to create a personalised sales home that centralises information, simplifies processes, and automates administrative tasks in Slack.

Built on Slack’s platform and powered by Salesforce data, Slack Sales Elevate will help companies boost productivity and transform the way sales teams work together. A recent Salesforce State of Sales report shows sales representatives are bogged down in administrative work and cumbersome tools, resulting in spending more than 70% of their time on non-selling tasks.

“Bringing Sales Cloud into Slack and providing new sales productivity tools and automations in Slack helps sellers save time and access the right people and information to make better decisions. A Slack-based approach to selling will make it easier than ever for Sales Cloud customers to focus on the work that matters – working with customers and closing deals,” Slack senior vice president of product, Rob Seaman said.

Slack Sales Elevate gives the entire sales team the right tools and automations in the context of their conversations so they can tap into rich customer data and business insightsin a single space in Slack, set reminders and track progress towards goals, as well as update and sync opportunities to Salesforce.

Users can configure automatic notifications to stay up-to-date on deals won, new opportunities, pipeline updates, and more. For example, a sales manager can choose to be notified when opportunities change, helping them forecast and identify coaching opportunities. Those same changes can be automatically piped to a record-mapped Slack channel to inform the full account team.

Teams canalsoaccess out-of-the box templates for processes or Slack canvases built for executive briefings and mutual close plans.

Soon teams will be able to build AI-powered, no-code workflows with Salesforce-triggered notifications, like support requests and deal approvals, without any technical expertise. For example, when a new opportunity from Sales Cloud updates in Slack, a workflow could use that data to generate and send a note in an account channel to alert the sales representative to follow up.

Slack Sales Elevate is available now to Slack Business+ plans and above, and Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited Sales Cloud editions. Slack Sales Elevate is priced at $60 per user per month.