By Aimee Chanthadavong

We’ve heard of group buying aggregators but now a new website has been launched as a retail-only aggregator that aims to help Australian retailers compete against online pureplays and foreign competitors.

Helping generate brand awareness, allows participating local bricks and mortar retailers with existing e-commerce websites to list all of their sale products on the site. But while the products are listed on the sites to enable consumers to view it, the final transaction does not occur on AllTheSales but rather is directed to the individual retailer’s website, driving direct traffic to their website.

At the same time, the company says the customers who browse on AllTheSales themselves are more qualified than those purchased via traditional SEM as they are screened for both interest and intent at the individual product level on AllTheSales before being delivered to transact on a particular item on the retailers’ website.

Founder James Gilray tells RetailBiz that the inspiration for the site comes down to two reasons: lack of information for consumers who are looking for sale items and the need to support local retailers.

“As a shopper there is a real lack of information around when retailers go on sale. We usually find out via chance browsing, word-of-mouth or certain time of year, such as mid-season sale or boxing day sale, and unless you visit a DFO there isn't much more shoppers can do to access sale items in one place. We think that by aggregating everything on sale from retailers that shoppers know and trust, that we can provide shoppers with a useful and unique service all year round,” he said.

“At the same time we wanted to support Australian retailers who are being attacked on several fronts, which is beginning to impact on Australian jobs. By showcasing what Australian retailers have in one place online, we are encouraging shoppers to spend their money locally.”

According to Gilray, free trials are being offered to retailers until the end of the year and require zero resources from the retailers’ side to get their products live and start delivering shoppers. 

The products listed on the site are updated daily and there are now in excess of 1,000 items listed from supporting retailers include General Pants, Alannah Hill, Charlie Brown, Seduce, Pilgrim, City Beach, Mollini, Quiksilver, Roxy and Florsheim.