Global data and insights company, Pureprofile has partnered with Asia-Pacific’s leading shopping, rewards and payments platform, ShopBack, to help shoppers save money by earning cashback for completing surveys.

ShopBack currently boasts a membership base of 38 million shoppers across 10 markets who earn cashback from online purchases through its mobile app or web browser extension. Integrating Pureprofile’s Audience Builder SaaS solution into the ShopBack platform, members will be able to earn more cashback rewards in exchange for participation in surveys.

ShopBack sales director, Tom Howard said, “These are tough economic times, and we know that our members are looking to squeeze value out of every penny of their household budgets. This is why we’re pleased to add another means by which our members can earn even more cashback through our platform.

“The surveys are unobtrusive, easy to complete and ultimately rewarding for our members. We’re confident that Pureprofile’s integration will deliver incredible benefits for ShopBack and our customers.”

Pureprofile global head of innovation and partnerships, Young Ham added, “With interest rates and inflation constantly on consumers’ minds, shopping habits are constantly shifting. Last year’s spending patterns are not a reliable indicator of how consumers are behaving right now.

“It’s important that businesses and the economy have an accurate picture of what today’s shopper is looking for and what they value – whether that be discounts for purchasing goods online or buying in bulk for cost-effective outcomes. Our partnership with ShopBack will help arm businesses with important insights and ultimately benefit consumers that are on the hunt for a deal.”