App development and infrastructure software provider, Progress has made Progress Sitefinity 15 available, delivering new generative AI (GenAI) support throughout the platform, enabling marketers to create personalised content at scale.

In addition, new no-code data connectivity offered through Sitefinity Integration Hub seamlessly connects to leading martech platforms.

A recent Gartner survey found that 79% of corporate strategists believe that technologies such as AI, analytics and automation will be critical for their success over the next two years.

With the release of Progress Sitefinity 15, Progress helps marketers accelerate content creation using GenAI capabilities, built directly into the content authoring interface. In addition, a new no-code data integration platform enables them to aggregate customer information from business systems to gain a holistic view of customer data across platforms, enabling the creation of personalised digital experiences with speed and precision. 

New GenAI support enables authors to summarise, improve and personalise existing content to suit the unique needs and requirements of different personas or touchpoints along the customer journey. They can do this by leveraging AI tools straight from the WYSIWYG editor without learning how to write prompts or the need to switch interfaces.

Throughthenew Sitefinity Integration Hub, organisations can connect Sitefinity to more than 1,000 critical third-party systems and applications to automate workflows and harness data effectively.

Organisations can leverage unified customer data to segment audiences and optimise messaging.Sitefinity customer data platform (CDP) now also has an AI-driven chatbot for faster onboarding. 

Progress vice president for Asia Pacific, John Yang said, “Marketers in Australia, especially in the B2B space, have been early adopters of technologies such as AI since the pandemic, and they are set to continue leading the way when it comes to generative AI.

“Some of the areas marketers can make new strides with the support of AI include the creation of personalised content at scale, unification of customer profiles and building holistic views of customers across platforms, and the fast delivery of even more personalised experiences.

“For the past decade since marketers have accelerated their digitisation efforts, a recurring challenge has been to remove marketing data silos to gain efficiencies and improve customer experience. What organisations need today are strong data connectivity tools to unify all data relevant to marketing across the organisations under one roof and provide marketers with data insights that can be turned into specific actions to drive customer-centric campaigns.”