Since launching online in Australia in 2010, Princess Polly has taken the independent fashion industry by storm and become a favourite among fashion-forward Australians, driven by a unique no photoshop policy, extensive range of popular brands, ethical and sustainable standards and fierce competitiveness.  

“Over the last 11 years, we have come a long way but more recently, there have been several achievements which we are super proud of,” Princess Polly head of performance and marketing Kim Zorn (pictured below) told Retailbiz in a recent interview.

“We have expanded globally with a team based in the US and local HQ in Los Angeles, built on our customer service experience by offering almost 24/7 support to customers, established a dedicated Social Responsibility department, created our first loyalty program and have been recognised as one of the top shopping websites in the US.”

With sustainability at the forefront of the business, Princess Polly recently launched Earth Club that focuses on four key impact areas – ethical sourcing, sustainable products, protecting the planet and equality.

“We’re committed to working towards our goals for this initiative to create lasting change in our industry by putting people, the planet and community first,” Zorn said.

“Consumers want to shop with brands that align with their values more than ever. They care about the environment and are becoming more conscious of sustainability and the impact their purchases have, which is amazing to see.”

In addition to more conscious shopping, there has been a significant rise in social media among the broader fashion landscape.

“In the past, many would look to runways for the next trend but now we look to Instagram, YouTube and TikTok to see what influencers are wearing and what celebrities are promoting.”

Princess Polly relied heavily on social media platforms to connect with its community and send positive messages during the pandemic.

“We’ve always thrived on being a dynamic global team and having the ability to adapt our strategy quickly and effectively. The impacts of Covid-19 put us to the test, however we continued to always put our customers first, listen to their needs and deliver based on those needs,” Zorn said.

“In 2020, the retail industry experienced five years of e-commerce growth in a matter of months with many online retailers implementing their digital roadmap at a speed we never realised was possible. Although physical stores have reopened, consumers are continuing to favour shopping via digital and contactless channels.

“Looking ahead, I expect online retail growth to continue, user experience to become even more important and coherent brand storytelling to come out on top for social commerce. There will also be more personalised marketing and a rise in visual, augmented and mixed reality.

“For Princess Polly, it’s an exciting time as we continue to expand into new markets and connect with customers on a global level.”